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    What I am about to release will be the most explosive book I have ever written – It is called The Return of the Gods.  It is so explosive that I have no idea what will happen when it goes forth.  But we must speak the truth regardless – and let the chips fall where they all.    

The Mystery

     The mystery that The Return of the Gods will open will be of an entirely other dimension, one that lies virtually everything now taking place in our culture.

      Is it possible that behind what is happening to America and the world lies a mystery hidden in inscriptions of ancient Mesopotamia?

      Could the ancient entities known to the nations as the “gods” be more than just fiction and myth – but actually possess an independent reality?

      Is it possible that they have returned to our world?  Could these entities lie behind what we see on our television screens and computer monitors, what our children are being taught in their classrooms, current events, news, and the movements of our times – behind what is even now influencing our lives without our realizing it?   Could this mystery be the explanation behind all the strange transformations happening to our culture in our own day?

    Is it possible that one of these ancient entities actually entered the streets of New York City and started a cultural revolution that is still transforming our world?

   Could there be a mystery that lies behind the sign of the rainbow and why it is now saturating our culture – a mystery that goes back to the tablets of ancient Sumer?

    Could the mystery of the gods actually have determined the outcome and timing of Supreme Court rulings down to their exact days?

     Is it possible that the dynamics of ancient mythology have played out in our public squares in city streets in real time?

   What is it all leading to? And what do we need to know in dealing with them – and in view of the future.  This is the mystery The Return of the Gods will reveal.  In the space I have here, I will be able to give you an initial taste of what’s in the mystery and the book.

The Spirits

When we think of the gods of the ancient and pagan worlds, we think in terms of mythology and fantasy.  But the Bible reveals that behind the ancient gods and idols were entities known in Hebrew as the shedim or spirits, and in the New Testament as the daimonia.  It’s from that word that we get the word demons.  What this means is that the gods never really die.  So what if the gods were to return to the modern world?  What would happen?   The book is going to reveal that they have and it’s already happening.

The Dark Trinity

The keys to the return of the gods is found in an ancient parable given by Jesus.  When one applies it to the modern world it reveals an ominous warning.  If those nations and cultures that have known God should ever turn away from God, away from the Gospel, from the Word, and from Christianity, they will open up the door to the spirits, to the return of the gods.  They will open up the door to be possessed or repossessed by the shedim.

    If the gods are returning – then which gods?  The answer is, the gods that have now come into the modern world are the same that were part of the apostasy and falling away of ancient Israel.  There were three in particular.  Those three are at work at this very moment transforming America and western civilization – and affecting your life.

The Possessor

The first god of the dark trinity was known as the Possessor.  In ancient times he had warred with the God of Israel.  So he would do so again – in America and the west.  And so in the mid-twentieth century a spirit came into America and became leading it to cast God out of its institutions and lives.  It was the spirit of the possessor.

   Since pagan gods rule over pagan cultures and nations, the Possessor would set out to transform America from a Christian nation into a pagan one.  Thus he began a metamorphosis – that of America’s paganization.  Much of the mystifying changes now overtaking American culture are the signs and symptoms of this metamorphosis.   The book will reveal how this ancient mystery and this ancient god actually lie behind wokism, political correctness, cancel culture, the modern computer, the genetic merging of man and animal, modern morality, Hollywood, and much more.

    The book is going to reveal how the ancient symbol of that god, a molten image of a beast, actually manifested in America, in the streets of New York City – the sign of a nation under his power.

The Enchantress

 The next deity of the dark trinity was the Enchantress.  In some ancient mythologies of the Middle East she was the wife or consort of the Possessor.  She was the goddess of sexuality and, specifically, of sexual immorality.  Therefore, with the return of the ancient goddess, we would expect a revolution to take place in the realm of sexuality.  And that is exactly what happened.  America’s turning from God in the 1960s was followed by what would be called ‘the sexual revolution.’  Behind it all lay the spirit of the ancient goddess.

    In many ways, pornography originated with this specific goddess and, upon her return, she initiated an explosion of pornography that affects us to this day.  In her mythology, the fights against male authority.  So what we see in our culture, a war against male authority and the doctrines of radical feminism come from her.  The goddess was the caster of spells and enchantments.  So at the same time that the sexual revolution was in full swing, there was a revival in the practice of the occult.  The book will reveal how the Enchantress has placed America under her spell.

The Destroyer

As the Possessor had led to the Enchantress, so the Enchantress had led to the third god, the Destroyer.  He was the god of human sacrifice and particularly the god of child sacrifice.  It is believed that in ancient times, the children who were born of the goddess’s cult of sexual immorality would become sacrifices on the altars of the Destroyer.  So upon the return of the gods to the modern world, the sexual revolution of the goddess would lead to the killing of children in the legalizing of abortion.  Behind abortion was the Destroyer.

    Human sacrifice and, particularly child sacrifice, were one of the most common practices of pagan civilization.  So as America and the west turned away from God and Christianity, they began taking up the ancient pagan practice of child sacrificed and offered up millions in abortion

The Transformer

The goddess also possessed the powers of metamorphosis.  It was all there in her nature.  Though she was female, she possessed male attributes.  One of the ancient hymns sung to her glory declares that the goddess possessed the power to

…turn a man into a woman

    and a woman into a man,

    to change one into the other…3

It was her power to change male into female and female into male.  The Return of the Gods reveals that the strange transformations now overtaking America and world culture is all part of this ancient mystery. When we watch what is happening in our culture – the de-feminization and the masculinization of woman, the goddess is behind it.  So too she is the mystery behind something else we are now witnessing – the emasculating and feminization of men.

Priests of the Altered

    Her ancient male priesthood was known for dressing up as women.  Today they would be seen as cross-dressers, transvestites, or drag queens.  The book reveals how the goddess is another phenomenon of the modern world, the changing of women to appear as men – and men to appear as women.  It lies behind everything from children’s cartoons to Drag Queen storybook hours.

       The goddess was said to literally change a man into a woman.  Some of her priests had been altered, surgically altered, castrated.  She transitioned men into women and women into men.  So it is no accident that we are now witnessing an explosion in transgenderism – men being surgically altered to appear as women and women surgically altered to appear as men.  Behind it all is the work of the goddess.

Gods on the Streets of New York

    One of the most amazing revelations concerns the night that the goddess manifested in New York City.  It was that night that began the movement that would overturn sexuality, marriage, gender, and identity and that would war against Biblical morality and values.  It was the night that began the Stonewall uprisings and that gave birth to the LGBT and Pride movements.

     That night, the goddess’ mythology played out in real time on the streets of New York.  The elements that appear in her ancient tablets now materialized outside a bar in Greenwich Village.  They included a lion’s head, the gate, a house known as the ‘eshdam,’ where the goddess would dwell, and the goddess’ cross-gendered cult and priesthood, and much more. It even involved something called Dance of the Goddess that broke out in the middle of the riot.  It even involved a human ‘avatar’ or ‘host,’ – a woman who represented the goddess and appeared possessed by her.

The Sun, the Month, and the Spell

    The day that began the modern LGBT and Pride movement was saturated with the signs of the goddess.  Even the timing of the event was part of the mystery.  It happened within days of one of the most important times on the pagan calendar.  And it happened in the ancient Babylonian month dedicated to the goddess and her lover.  The book will also reveal that it was all sealed on the tenth of Tammuz – the day on the ancient calendar appointed for the casting of the spell to cause ‘a man to love a man.’

The Parades of the Enchanted

In ancient times, the goddess was especially linked to processions and parades.  So the modern movement begun by the goddess to alter sexuality would be known by its parades.  The book will reveal the ancient descriptions of the goddess’s parades – as spectacles in which men dressed or acted as women, women dressed as or acted like men, boundaries were broken, and gender was inverted.  So the modern Pride Parades are part of the mystery – spectacles in which men dressed as women, women as men, boundaries were broken, and gender was inverted.


Every year, an entire month was dedicated to the goddess’ mythology and was noted for its ceremonies and processions.  It was the ancient month named after her lover, Tammuz.  So every year, an entire month is dedicated to celebrating the goddess’ works – Pride Month.  When was the goddess’ ancient month? In the summer.  So Pride Month inaugurates the summer.  The book will reveal the ancient writings of Roman witnesses that identify the goddess’s sacred month as ‘Junium – the month of June!  It is no accident that upon her return to the modern world, the goddess has again made June her sacred month, full of processions and parades, and the displays of her works.

The Sign of the Rainbow

A strange thing has happened to America and western civilization.  It has become saturated with the sign of the rainbow.  Did you ever wonder why?  The Return of the Gods will reveal it.  It goes back to the tablets of ancient Sumer and Babylon.  It has to do with the goddess.  And it contains a specific mystery that would surprise and shock those who bear it.

What Lies Ahead and What You Need to Know

  In this article I can only give a brief taste of the mysteries revealed in The Return of the Gods. The mysteries are so mind-boggling that they have even determined the rulings of the United States Supreme Court – and the exact dates the rulings had to be handed down!  And they are even at this moment  affecting every one of our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and our future.  There is virtually no area of life that has not been affected or is not being affected by the gods.

    The last section of the book is called The War of the Gods.  It reveals where it is all heading.  It exposes the plan and end-game of the gods – what it all has to do with coming ‘war’ – and a coming persecution of believers.  It reveals what we must all know in order to stand strong – against the gods, and how to overcome in the days ahead.


    I wrote at the beginning that this is the most explosive book I have ever written.  It is an expose’ of the most colossal and critical powers of our day and age.  I believe it is one of the most important books I could have ever written.  And I have no doubt that God wants it to go forth at this hour.

    It will be released on September 6, 2022.  Pray.  And get it not only for yourself but for all those in your life who need to know what’s happening– and have no idea.

    Pray that God will anoint and powerfully use The Return of the Gods to accomplish for his purpose at this hour – to expose the darkness, to open long-closed doors, to break down walls and barriers, to set captives free, and to bring revival and redemption for such a time as this.

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Edward Webber

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