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The Shepherd – James Collins

SKU: H915


James Collins examines Psalm 23 through the understanding of the geographical, historical, cultural, literary and visual context of the Bible.

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The Shepherd

Reflections on Psalm 23 – James Collins

The Lord is my shepherd… These are the opening words of one of the most memorized, inspirational, and comforting passages in the Bible, and one of the greatest poems of all time. For over 3,000 years, countless generations have turned to Psalm 23 for strength during times of trouble. Its brief six verses offer words of compassion, hope, and encouragement that never wear out. Though this little psalm was written in a different time and place, the lessons it contains are as up-to-date as the 21st century. These ancient words with their imagery drawn from the life and heart of David, the shepherd-king, offer incomparable hope in a complex world.

In The Shepherd, James Collins explores the rich meaning behind the world’s best known and most loved poem. The author teaches the psalm verse-by-verse, explaining its extraordinary power to change lives and ease our troubles. He shares its fascinating context and colorful background. You’ll find encouragement to enjoy the “green pastures” of life while becoming strengthened by the “dark valleys.” Through Collins’ explanation of the biblical text that illustrates the love and care of the Lord, The Shepherd will help you rediscover the joy, inspiration, and peace of this beloved psalm.

  • Does the Twenty-Third Psalm fit into Messianic Prophecy?
  • What is the significance of restoration?
  • Does the shepherd/sheep relationship parallel God and man?
  • What is the meaning of the cup?
  • What is the mystery of Migdal Eder?

James Collins answers these questions and more in The Shepherd.