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Where in the World is Atlantis?

In 590 BC, Sonchis of Sais Egyptian priest showed Solon inscriptions, dating to 1450 BC, which tell of a great civilization to the west of Egypt. Solon took the story back to Greece and in 370 BC, Plato recorded this Egyptian tale.

Most modern stories claim that Atlantis was a utopia. In the Timaeus, Plato writes that Atlantis attacked all of Europe and Asia but was driven back by Athens.

The citizens of Atlantis were, according to the story by Plato, god and human hybrids. Poseidon was a god, and his wife Cleito was a mortal woman. Again, this is synonymous with the story we find in Genesis chapter 6, and in the book of Enoch.

Plato wrote that Atlantis was located beyond the Pillars of Heracles, or Hercules. The Pillars of Hercules is almost universally believed to be the Straits of Gibraltar. In Plato’s time, the pillars were the western boundary of the known world, and Atlantis was at a distant point in the Atlantic Ocean.

Let’s take a quick moment to acknowledge that secular scientists, geologists, professors, and the like are under a tremendous amount of pressure to deny God’s existence. Most are threatened with excommunication from the religion of evolution thus ending their respective careers.

There are many civilizations across the world that record their ancestors as coming from an island destroyed by a flood. The destruction of Atlantis, as violent as it was, would have scattered survivors in every direction. There are legends of the gods of Atlantis being away at the time of the city’s destruction. Some of those legends place the gods in South America.

Megalithic sites such as Göbekli Tepe, Machu Pichu, the pyramids of Giza, pyramids all around the world, are found across the world. Some theorize that the ancients who built these amazing structures were the survivors of Atlantis. Plato records the Atlanteans as being humble builders, so maybe not.

About 11,000 years ago, the north Sahara Desert in Africa was a jungle and covered by a lot of water. We know this by measuring the precipitation patterns of the rain in the Holocene Era. The Richat Structure is in Northwest Africa, in modern day Mauritania.

It is nestled into the, wait for it … Atlas Mountains. Who was the first king of Atlantis? Yes, that’s right, Atlas. In Mauritania today, the citizens will say that Atlas was their first king.

If you view satellite imagery of the Western Sahara Desert, it is obvious that Africa had massive amounts of water run off as if the northern

part of Africa was underwater. At some point, the continent bulged causing the water to drain off. You will also see around the Richat Structure, water ripples in the sand, like you would see on the beach, except on a much bigger scale.

On satellite imagery, you will see white ground to the south of the Richat Structure which is salt. We know it is salt because Josh Sigurdson tasted it himself, as seen in his YouTube video in which he visited the Richat Structure. Guess what? Salt in the middle of the Sahara Desert means there was an ocean in Northwest Africa at some point.

Long ago, when Northern Africa was a green jungle environment, the Nile River flowed east to west across north Africa. Take a look at the map that Herodotus drew around 400 BC, and you will see the Nile River running east to west across Africa. You will also see in the northwest corner of Africa, the word Atlantis with a question mark, right where the Richat Structure is located.

Another term for the Richat Structure is the Eye of the Sahara. If you look at satellite imagery of the structure, you will see that it has a center land mass, a ditch, another ring of land, a ditch, and another of ring of land. It has mountains to the north, plains to the south, east and west.

This looks exactly like Plato’s description of the city of Atlantis. With time and destruction, it will not be exactly as described by Plato. The Richat Structure fits within the measurements that Plato recorded.

Is Atlantis real? Is it fake? It sure is an interesting story. Skeptics said that Plato was just making up it up, that he was just trying to communicate his ideal society.

Skeptics have also said that Plato was making up the city of Troy, but in 1871 Henrich Schliemann discovered it. Just because something’s thousands of years old and because you cannot find it, does not mean it didn’t exist.

The Richat Structure is, in my opinion, the most likely location for the destroyed city of Atlantis. It is west of the pillars of Heracles. If you look at images of the Richat Structure, there is nothing else natural on Earth that looks like it.

It is an amazing thing to behold. The measurements match. The rivers that flow out of the mountains to the north and the open sea to the south both match Plato’s account. A portion of Africa was underwater in the past. I do believe that the Richat Structure is the most likely location for the city of Atlantis because of all these factors.

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Micah Van Huss

Micah Van Huss came to know Christ as his Savior at seven years old and is a Bible believing Christian. He graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 2003 with a B.S. in Computer Science. It was at PCC that Micah found a personal relationship with God. Micah served in the United States Marine Corps as a Scout Sniper and was deployed three times to Iraq and once to Afghanistan as a Marine and a DoD contractor. Micah served eight years in the Tennessee House of Representatives and sponsored and passed the Tennessee Heartbeat Bill and served as the Chairman of the Constitutional Protections committee. Micah hosts the "Marginal Mysteries" show for Southwest Radio Ministries.

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