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Guardians of The Grail (Part 2)

Josh Davis with JR Church

J.R. Church reveals the story behind the developing United States of Europe. His research takes you back through the centuries to view an emerging family dynasty who may soon attempt to establish a one-world government. The framework for a global economy and political system is being set in place. The human race is about to be deceived into accepting worldwide enslavement under the guise of “peace and prosperity.” Guardians of the Grail tells of secret political combines, intrigues, and wars preparing mankind for the ANTICHRIST!

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Crash of Cash Looms

Before the looming New World Order is fully in place, it will be necessary for all-digital currencies to be mandatory. So digital implants are being planned so every move we make, every item we buy, will be known to Big Brother. I saw Bill Gates on business TV discussing something

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