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Barger Bundle: The Occult (3 DVDs) Eric Barger

SKU: G694


Three dynamic teaching DVD presentations plus Eric Barger’s testimony on audio CD.

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Barger Bundle: The Occult (3 DVDs) Eric Barger

In this dynamic bundle, you will receive three of Eric Barger’s best presentations on the occult.

The Hidden World of the Occult (DVD) Eric Barger

Eric Barger uncovers and exposes the world of occultism, while neutralizing the fears that many have about this mysterious topic. Learn about:

  • The Nine Forbidden Practices of the Occult and related Biblical Doctrine
  • The use and meaning of Occult Symbols (with many examples)
  • Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh and MORE!
  • God’s Word on Halloween

The End-Time Occult Invasion (DVD) Eric Barger

The sometimes subtle, sometimes overt promotion of the occult in our culture in proof positive that we are indeed in the last days. Taken from Eric’s book Entertaining Spirits Unaware. Complete with a helpful “what to do” list in dealing with occult influences in our homes, this seminar message includes nearly 100 slides and presents 85 minutes of facts, documentation and explanation concerning the occult in our culture. Packed with Scripture and understanding to help you confront and expose the works of darkness in our time! This will be a video you watch again and again and use to help minister to others.

Bible Prophecy and the Occult (DVD) Eric Barger

…for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived– Revelation 18:23

This teaching demonstrates how the occult has been normalized before our eyes…Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Yu-Gi-Oh – the list seems endless. But how should we respond? In this informative message Eric Barger examines the Scriptures and reveals biblical details foretelling the prophetic nature of today’s occult explosion that surely indicates the soon return of the Lord Jesus!

Live Seminar Presentations on 3 DVDs – Over 3 Hours of Dynamic Teaching

PLUS – As an additional bonus, you will receive the audio CD presentation How I Came from Rock to the ROCK! In this dramatic audio CD, Eric shares his life story.