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Christ Vs the Counterfeits Collection (2 DVDs) Donald Perkins & Eric Barger

SKU: G813


Two dynamic teaching DVDs about false christs in the last days.

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Christ Vs the Counterfeits Collection (2 DVDs) Donald Perkins & Eric Barger

This collection features two dynamic teaching DVDs:

False Christs in the Last Days (DVD) Donald Perkins – This DVD features two outstanding teaching presentations by Evangelist Donald Perkins: 1. Beware of False Christs in the Last Days – This is a very timely message regarding one of the “Signs of the End-Times.” We are warned by Jesus about False Christs that will come in the last days. Don Perkins presents evidence that we are truly living in the end times, and that False Christ are among us today! 2. The Mark of the Beast – In this teaching, Don Perkins takes you through the Scriptures to look at the future event known as the Mark of the Beast. He will clear-up the inaccuracies that have been taught regarding this event. You will learn from the Bible exactly what is the Mark of the Beast, when it will be issued, and why the Anti-Christ will require men to receive this unique mark. BONUS – Evangelist Donald Perkins is interviewed by Hagmann & Hagmann. These dramatic presentations were taught at the Orlando Prophecy Summit hosted by Prophecy in the News.

The REAL Jesus vs. The Counterfeits (DVD) Eric Barger – Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, The New Age Movement – they ALL speak of a “Jesus.” However, no matter how sincere they may be, those following a “different Jesus” are without a Savior and heading for eternal disaster. This timely message holds important apologetic insight to help you identify the imposters and most importantly, it will help you defend the historic view of the authentic Biblical Jesus. Recorded “live” at the Lamb and Lion Ministries “Defending the Faith” Conference in Allen (DFW), Texas.