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Countdown for Israel: What Lies Ahead? – David Webber

SKU: B440


Miracles of the Restoration of Israel

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Countdown for Israel: What Lies Ahead?

David Webber interviews Dr. Maurice Jaffe, Dr. Shlomo Drori, and Andrew SoRelle about the tremendous miracles of possession and restoration that have occurred in the “land of promise” since Israel achieved national sovereignty in 1948.

  • Israel’s ancient cities have been restored to vitality and commercial prominence.
  • Israel’s deserts and swamplands have blossomed like a rose and become the “breadbasket of the Middle East.”
  • Ancient Hebrew has been restored as the official language of Israel.
  • The Biblical shekel is again being used as a national currency.
  • The magnificent Jerusalem Great Synagogue has been completed, representing the first central how of worship for Jews since 70 A.D.
  • A tremendous oil supply is about to be tapped in the “foot of Asher.”

Countdown for Israel: What Lies Ahead? traces these miracles of restoration to their prophetic origins, and presents a prophetic preview of soon-coming events in this blessed but turbulent land.