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Deliver Us From Evil (Part 3)

SKU: X1643


The Portal To The Abyss Is Slammed Shut By GOD

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Most Bible readers today fail to grasp the fact that the first 11 chapters of Genesis are specifically written not just to tell stories of a time before history, but to give us a correct interpretative framework for understanding the rest of the Bible. Where we fail in our modern attempts at biblical exegesis is often in the fact that we approach Scripture as if we could pick up the New Testament, read the Gospels, and then assume the Old Testament was just a lead-up to the important stuff. If one does not get a grip on Genesis 1-11 in its cultural context, the rest of the Bible will be lost on us.

As this segment of our study concentrates on the Tower of Babel scenario, we will learn that approximately 200 years after the Flood, the family of Noah travelled collectively to the Plain of Shinar. There they began construction on a tower that would “reach to heaven.” We must understand that the ancients were not so naive to believe they could build a structure that would literally reach to heaven and the very presence of God; but rather, there was something spiritual happening on the Plain of Shinar. Likely, the tower was a structure that would function as a portal for attempting to call up the evil “Old Ones” who were confined to the abyss before the Flood. This was a blatant rejection of God, and this action led God to assign the nations to spiritual beings that would be less than loyal to Yahweh.

Some modern teachers like Dr. Rick Warren would have their adherents believe the Tower of Babel event was a positive example of men and women working together in community. However, the ramifications of Rebellion #3 will be shown as one of the most significant catastrophic events to transpire in the entire history of mankind. This very rebellion led to the alienation of humanity from God and the worldwide proliferation of the worship of evil entities masquerading as gods.

We will learn that there will ultimately be a “happy ending” for world’s population as the Lord Jesus Christ will ultimately reverse the rebellion, defeat all evil entities, and reign as King of Kings over the entire earth—but not before sin and rebellion takes its toll in the hearts and souls of mankind.

90 minutes run time