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Entertaining Spirits Unaware & Disarming the Powers of Darkness - Eric Barger & David Benoit

by Eric Barger & David Benoit
SKU: G767


Two outstanding and eye-opening books by Eric Barger and David Benoit.

In stock

Entertaining Spirits Unaware & Disarming the Powers of Darkness – Eric Barger & David Benoit

This phenomenal bundle features two books by Eric Barger and David Benoit:

Entertaining Spirits Unaware – Eric Barger & David Benoit PAPERBACK

The goal of Entertaining Spirits Unaware is to offer a resource concerning the occult, in particular the many ways our culture is being affected by its workings. Though sometimes subtly, occultism such as witchcraft and the New Age movement are undoubtedly infiltrating and often capturing the masses today. If ever there was a need for a clear expose on the deceptions of the Evil One, it is now! This book will provide you with just such a tool. It will not gather dust in the possession of those who care.

Disarming the Powers of Darkness – Eric Barger & David Benoit HARDBACK

Fearless Conquerors in Spiritual War – Scripture is clear: the spiritual battlefield is real and the Enemy is determined. But most Christians are ill-equipped and unprepared when attacked, and even fewer are on the offensive. Still others write off spiritual warfare as irrelevant today, while on the other extreme some credit Satan for every imaginable problem in life. The purpose of this book is to provide biblical balance and clarity in order to establish a proper battle plan exposing the enemy for who he really is and showing Christians how to win this war with the spiritual weapons already at their disposal.

Disarming the Powers of Darkness answers critical battleground questions:

  • How can we tell what is of Satan and what is of our flesh?
  • How do we deal with spirits of fear and uncertainty?
  • Where exactly does spiritual warfare take place?
  • Does Satan know my thoughts and hear my prayers?
  • How can we be victorious in a culture that is increasingly dark?
2 Books