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Entertaining Spirits Unaware (DVD) David Benoit

SKU: X883


David Benoit’s vast knowledge of the occult and the New Age comes through in this excellent teaching!

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Entertaining Spirits Unaware (DVD) David Benoit

The goal of Entertaining Spirits Unaware is to offer a resource concerning the occult, in particular the many ways our culture is being affected by its workings. Though sometimes subtly, occultism such as witchcraft and the New Age movement are undoubtedly infiltrating and often capturing the masses today. If ever there was a need for a clear expose on the deceptions of the Evil One, it is now! This DVD will provide you with just such a tool. It will not gather dust in the possession of those who care.

Entertaining Spirits Unaware is a masterpiece on the spiritual battle we are in today. David Benoit has a unique way of turning complex issues, that are sometimes hard to understand, into simplistic language even children understand. These discs contain vital information needed to combat our spiritual enemy. The Bible tells us to put these spirits to the test to see if they are of God. The Bible clearly shows us that angelic activities will increase in the last days. But Satan and his troops have a job as well. These DVDs are packed with information that every Christian needs to see!