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Giants Collection (DVD Set) Michael Hoggard

SKU: G747


In this DVD set, Pastor Michael Hoggard presents a complete teaching on the subject of giants and where they are found in the Bible. This exciting presentation has over 7 hours of material discussing the origins of the giants and their relevance as it pertains to Bible prophecy.

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Giants Collection (DVD Set) Michael Hoggard

This DVD set by Michael Hoggard includes:

  • Giants: For Those Who Don’t Believe (DVD) Michael Hoggard
  • The Giants (DVD) Michael Hoggard

Giants: For Those Who Don’t Believe (DVD) Michael Hoggard

God’s Word reveals and confirms the existence of giants, answering the questions of who exactly the Sons of God were, who the Nephilim were, and who the giants were after the Flood, as described in the book of Genesis.

Find out the answers to these questions and more in Mike Hoggard’s exciting presentation!

The Giants (DVD Set) Michael Hoggard

In The Giants, Mike Hoggard provides an in-depth look at the giants in the Bible and Israel’s encounter and war with them. This DVD also goes over the giants’ origins, and their typology – especially regarding David’s battle with Goliath. In this DVD, you will be informed about their relevance in understanding Bible prophecy.

The complete collection contains over 7 hours of Biblical teaching about the giants!

DVD Details

About Pastor Michael Hoggard

Pastor Michael W. Hoggard is the author of “The King James Code.” He is the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Festus, Missouri. Additionally, he is also the founder and director of Prophetic Research Ministries. Pastor Mike Hoggard has spent years studying the Scriptures and finding several Biblical principles for understanding as a prophetic voice. Pastor Hoggard lectures at college campuses, Bible conferences, and local churches alike.

Mike resides in St. Louis, Missouri, and is married to his wife Lisa. They have 5 children and several grandchildren.