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Is The Antichrist Alive?

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International trade with nations with increasing debt problems, causing fluctuating money values, dictates a new world monetary exchange system.

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A system with a central world exchange with limited drawing rights assigned through a credit card or similar unit would seem to be the answer. This would correspond to the mark and number system explained in Revelation 13. This could mean the Antichrist is alive in the world today. World thinkers in the United Nations point to different religious beliefs as being a major deterrent to world peace and world government. There is a world movement like the Chrislam movement that says the gods worshipped by all religions are really the same god. Therefore, a world government will give all religions one god to worship. As we read in Revelation, all nations, races, and people will be commanded, under penalty of death, to worship one man as god. But we may wonder what could occur that would cause all nations to surrender government to one man. One reason, of course, would be the fear of a universally devastating nuclear war. As Jesus prophesied, wars and rumors of wars have continued, and now eight nations have enough atomic weapons to destroy the world a thousand times over, and the spread of such weapons continues. If there is one nation, or one man of prominence, who could convince the nations that such a world catastrophe could be avoided by turning all the nuclear weapons over to him, he could rule the world. Would this person be the head of the United Nations or a coalition of nations? Probably. This could also mean that the Antichrist is alive today.