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Prayers of the Ancients – Kenneth Hill

SKU: H497


Dr. Kenneth Hill examines the greatest prayers of the Bible.

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Prayers of the Ancients – Kenneth Hill

The Greatest Prayers in the Bible!

What is it about prayer that moves the hand of God? And if prayer is so powerful, why don’t Christians pray more and take full advantage of this awesome tool God has given to bless the world?

How did people like Daniel, David, and Moses talk to God? What can we learn from their example? What can we know about God himself from the prayers of Isaiah, Job, Paul, and the Lord Jesus Christ? These studies will help you discover new insights about prayer. God’s character, and the lives of his praying people. Dr. Kenneth Hill shares examples from Scripture to show what it means to walk with God – on our knees. Your own prayer life will be enriched as you study the great Prayers of the Ancients.