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Surviving the Coming Storm (DVD) Ray Gano-Mhor

SKU: X1565


This presentation includes three outstanding messages on how to survive in these last days!

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Surviving the Coming Storm (DVD) Ray Gano-Mhor

Insane spending by past and current administrations has led the world into staggering debt. Paying back the loans and interest gathered in the attempt to spend our way out of that debt has become impossible. The demise of the dollar is looming, poised to die in a flaming, downward spiral. When it hits bottom, the United States will fall into chaos, plunging to a third-world status. Food, gas, and most everything else will become drastically more expensive, coupled with a rise in crime.

Ray Gano-Mhor takes examples from history as well as from a Christian, biblical standpoint showing what you can do to prepare to survive the coming storm.

  • Personal Security & Realistic Weapons
  • Food, Water, Medicine: Are You Prepared for Trouble Ahead?
  • Going Underground

These outstanding presentations by Ray Gano-Mhor were recorded live at the Prophecy in the News Prophecy Summit.

Ray Gano-Mhor is an author, blogger and public speaker focusing on realistic solutions for real people. In a world of negative news, Ray is focusing on helping people expand their lives and becoming the better you. Ray is a popular conference speaker on the topics of Survival, Preparedness and Personal Self-Improvement. He believes that everyone has the chance to reach their peak performance surviving the crazy world that is around us, living an incredible happy and effective life. Ray’s background ranges from 82 Airborne, SEAR school, US Army School of the Americas, PI, DHS – jump team.