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SWRC “Legacy” Devotional Series Collection

SKU: G1064


SWRC “Legacy” Devotional Series Collection

In stock

God has blessed SWRC with 91 years of gifted spiritual leaders. We are honored and humbled to be able to offer you the first three devotionals in our Legacy Series. These three devotionals were drawn from sermons taught by ministry founder E.F. Webber, who delves into God’s Impossibilities; and E.F.’s sons, Dr. Charles Webber, focusing on Golgotha’s Three Crosses; and Dr. David Webber, who brings us six Parables of the Olivet Discourse. These sermons were adapted for devotional study by Kim Webber, E.F. Webber’s “granddaughter in love.”

This bundle of SWRC “Legacy” devotional booklets explores:

  • The significance of the trio crucified on those crosses and their contrasting responses — defiance, remorse, and sinless submission.
  • Parables, found in Matthew 24–25, focus on the anticipated return of the Lord to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, signifying the core theme of the Olivet Discourse. Notably, these teachings do not pertain to the era of the church.
  • Explores the notion that “Nothing is impossible with God or for God,”

Golgotha’s Three Crosses

Parables of the Olivet Discourse