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The Mark of the New World Order (DVD) Terry L. Cook

SKU: X949


Terry Cook teaches how microchip technology is setting the stage for the Mark of the Beast.

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The Mark of the New World Order (DVD) Terry L. Cook

In this eye-opening DVD, Terry Cook exposes that the transition to the New World Order is nearly complete. He reveals the hidden agenda of the groups involved, as well as the technology for accomplishing it. Mr. Cook’s assertions are well documented. He addresses not only the technical, but the political and prophetical, as well. Identity methods and biochip implants are here. This teaching will help you know how to be prepared and what you need to do to avoid being chipped.

Terry L. Cook is a fundamentalist Christian intelligence analyst and a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff. He also is a former State of California Deputy Real Estate Commissioner/fraud investigator. For the past couple of decades, Mr. Cook, an ordained minister of the gospel, has been investigating current geopolitical events as they relate to the fulfillment of “last-days” or “end-times” Bible prophecies, with an emphasis on biometric identification technology, including smart cards and biochip transponder implants. He is accepted widely as an authority in the filed.

1 Hour DVD