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The Mystery of Jesus Special Collection

SKU: S1882


In stock

Volume One of The Mystery of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation begins in The Old Testament and reveals..

* Multiple ways that Jesus made personal appearances on earth called Christophanies prior to His birth through the virgin Mary!

* The many links between Mt. Sinai, the day of Pentecost, and the ascension from astounding, but largely hidden, revelations in the original Hebrew and Greek!

• How the words of the Prophets regarding the “someday messiah” preceded a four-hundred year season of silence and anticipation that led to disastrously incorrect interpretations of who He would be when he arrived… AND SO MUCH MORE!

Volume Two of The Mystery of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation begins in The New Testament and demonstrates..

• What social and political events transpired during the intertestamental period that led to a movement of numerous “false messiahs” whose military pursuits splintered the jews into various disjointed sects-each with their own misguided documented messianic expectations!

• How extra biblical and apocryphal books written around the time of Christ give fresh insight on New Testament characters, their true identity and reputation, and how that affects proper biblical interpretation!

• The real-and largely misunderstood-purpose of Christ’s ministry years on earth, and why there is an apparent deficit of miraculous manifestations in our day!.. AND WE’RE BARELY SCRATCHING THE SURFACE!

 Volume Three of The Mystery of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation moves directly to The Apocalypse where you’ll learn..

• Clear-cut comprehensible explanations behind even the most enigmatic and hard to understand symbols in Revelation that anyone can read and understand!

• How Jesus–present and active in all sixty-six books of the Bible–makes His grand and final entrance in shining glory to welcome into the New Jerusalem all who receive the free gift of salvation!.. AND WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED!