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The New Confused Evangelicals (DVD) Eric Barger

SKU: X1156


Eric Barger teaches how to understand and resist postmodernism in the Church!

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The New Confused Evangelicals (DVD) Eric Barger

The most extensive research and expose’ Eric Barger has ever undertaken concerning the forces and beliefs that are shaping Twenty-First Century Christianity.

Disk 1: Understanding and Identifying
Disk 2: Resisting and Combating


Eric Barger exposes what is nothing short of a wholesale, end-time abandonment of the Bible – all in the name of “Evangelicalism.”

Carefully detailing the players, methods, and beliefs, Eric explains how this sweeping Postmodern-Emergent redefinition has led to the rejection of the orthodox doctrines that have defined Christianity for the past twenty centuries.

Eric explains and defines the terms, documents and quotes the confused evangelical leaders, lists what to watch out for concerning this topic, and suggests steps you can take in combating Postmodernism in the Church. Above all, everything is examined against the backdrop of the Bible to determine how authentic Christians must respond.

God will preserve a victorious “remnant” throughout the Church age, but for the sake of souls Bible-believers must prepare to dialog and warn others concerning this satanic strategy that’s flourishing in our midst.

Two DVD Set (2 hr 25 min)