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The Rapture Question & Seven Reasons for the Rapture – Charles Hiltibidal

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Dr. Hiltibidal asks the question, “Is there going to be a Rapture?” and then proceeds to give seven Biblical reasons for it.

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The Rapture Question & Seven Reasons for the Rapture – Charles Hiltibidal

This is 127 pages written in an easy to read format, and written it two parts. The first part deals with reasons for the misunderstanding of the rapture as well as contributing factors for much of the confusion on the subject. The second and largest part deals with seven reasons for the rapture.

The book is the result of preaching a message on the Rapture in a conference.  Some of the pastors there said it was a blessing and questions they had been searching for answers to for a long time were answered.  Others said they were given new insights and information they have not previously thought about.  I was working on other materials for print, but the Lord used these men to cause me to pray about what has now materialized into this book.

The book deals with various subjects such as time and creation compared to eternity where no time restraints exist.  We need a change from the mortal body to an immortal one for our eternal souls.  The book covers what redemption does for us and why there is no redemption for the fallen angels.  I think you will find the materials interesting and informative and in an easy-to-read format.