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The Temple and Bible Prophecy – Randall Price

SKU: S1841


This well researched and written book brings together real-world events and actions with biblical prophecy in a clear and compelling manner. Dr. Randall Price focuses on the building of a new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and current events that tells the reader that the time is near.

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The Temple and Bible Prophecy – Randall Price

Are the biblical prophecies about a future temple merely symbolic, or do they point to a new physical Temple and even a restored sacrificial system? Are we to interpret Ezekiel’s description of a magnificent new Temple figuratively or literally? And are Israel’s current, ongoing preparations to rebuild the Temple truly a significant sign of the end times?

This comprehensive a study of the Jewish Temple helps readers answer to these questions and more. It also provides:

  • a fast–paced history of the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple, Zerubbabel’s Temple, and Herod’s Temple
  • an enlightening look at God’s eternal purpose for the Temple
  • a concise explanation of why the Temple disappeared and why it must reappear