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Truth Wins – Jim Fletcher

SKU: S1237

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Jim Fletcher defends the inerrancy of Scripture.

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Truth Wins – Jim Fletcher

Love vs. Truth.

Sounds like a great match-up. In reality, there is really no competition; Truth Wins, before it even starts.

Jim Fletcher, a fiery defender of biblical Christianity, has decided “enough is enough” and has aimed his passion for the Bible and his articulate (and sometimes quite humorous) command of the English language toward a refutation of Emergent Theology’s highly controversial pastor Rob Bell, and his book Love Wins. Is the God of the Bible so “loving” that He would in the end, give everyone a free pass? Does His love so vastly overshadow our “mistakes” that in the end, when it is all said and done, His “love” will win the day? Fletcher very succinctly answers those questions, and others, as he clearly points out that outside of God’s Truth, there can be no true understanding of God’s love. In fact, outside of God’s Truth, there simply is no love. . .just a poor substitute.

This book will be labeled by some as “politically incorrect,” but for those who love the biblical Creator of this universe, Fletcher’s book will be received as breath of fresh air.