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UFOs, Aliens, and Gods (2 DVD Set) Michael Hoggard

SKU: G732


Two dynamic teaching DVDs from Pastor Michael Hoggard!

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UFOs, Aliens, and Gods (2 DVD Set) Michael Hoggard

This great bundle features two incredible teaching DVDs from Pastor Michael Hoggard.

Gods and Aliens (DVD) Michael Hoggard

Spaceship…Aliens…Cover-up or Hoax? What Really Happened at Roswell?

Did an extraterrestrial spacecraft really crash in the New Mexico desert in 1947? Were alien bodies found…and, if so, was there a secret autopsy?
For over seventy years the mysteries of Roswell have tantalized the public. Now Pastor Michael Hoggard reveals the real story. Through his research and the lens of scripture, he explodes the lies and lays bare the truth.

This DVD includes over 4 hours of explosive teaching. The sessions are:

  1. Roswell’s Alien Gods
  2. Chariots of the Gods
  3. The Alien Agenda
  4. Gods and Aliens

UFOs: Chariots of the Beast (DVD) Michael Hoggard

In this video, Pastor Hoggard covers nearly the entire UFO phenomenon from ancient sightings to the Phoenix lights, alien abductions, reptilian aliens, grey aliens, media presentations of the UFO movement in television and films, and much more. Amazingly, Pastor Hoggard reveals that the entire UFO story from their source to their ultimate goal is plainly revealed in the pages of the Scriptures, including military and government complicity in the alien (fallen angel) plan to conquer the world, from the time of Adolph Hitler to the phenomenon known as Area 51.