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America’s God and Country – Bill Federer

SKU: S314


An encyclopedia of American quotations.

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America’s God and Country – Bill Federer

America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations

Best-selling resource of profound quotes highlighting Amercia’s noble heritage. Nearly 250,000 in print! Contains quotes form Presidents, Statesmen, Acts of Congress, Supreme Court Decisions, State Constitutions, Colonial Charters, Scientists, Explorers, Pioneers, Business leaders, Military leaders, African-American leaders, Women leaders…Topics include character, virtue, law, freedom, faith, courage, liberty, Providence, God, government, etc. Easy to use, alphabetically arranged, fully footnoted, with subject and entry index. A favorite of politicians, teachers, students, speech writers, radio hosts, etc. No American library is complete without it!

This comprehensive encyclopedia makes it easy to see our founding father’s faith in their own words.  A best seller, this encyclopedia is used by students, scholars, pastors, and anyone interested in hearing facts of faith direct from the source, with easy access to the references.