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Future Glory: Living in the Hope of the Rapture, Heaven, and Eternity – Ed Hindson

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The late Dr. Ed Hindson pours through the Scripture to show the events that are yet to occur, culminating in the return of Jesus and in our relocation to Heaven.

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Future Glory: Living in the Hope of the Rapture, Heaven, and Eternity – Ed Hindson

Glimpse the Splendor That Awaits You!

Despite today’s hardships, the Bible promises a glorious new era is rapidly approaching. God’s plan for what’s ahead includes our rapture, our rewards, our participation in Jesus’ triumphal return, and our eternal glory in heaven. As a believer, you can trust that a wonderful future awaits you.

In Future Glory, prophecy expert Dr. Ed Hindson helps you explore the Bible’s seven unique promises that outline what’s in store for every Christian. You’ll gain a better understanding of

  • the timeline for the rapture, Christ’s return, the millennium, and the creation of a new heaven and earth
  • the awe-inspiring details of what life will be like in Christ’s kingdom
  • your place in heaven and what it means to live with an eternal perspective

Written with attention to biblical details, Christ-minded wisdom, and a gracious compassion for our all-too-human tendency to be absorbed with the here and now, Future Glory will take you on an incredible journey into your prophetic future and the everlasting destiny God has prepared for you.