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Miracles in American History—Volumes 1 and 2

by Bill and Susie Federer
SKU: G631


Captivating stories of revivals, battle heroes, missionaries, and courage from America’s history

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Volume 1: 32 Amazing Stories of Answered Prayer

Discover desperate circumstances in America’s past and how men and women rose up with faith and courage, and situations unexplainably turned around. Read of captivating, little-known stories during the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the Barbary Pirate War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, WWI and II, and up through Apollo 13. Learn “the rest of the story” of how leaders prayed, challenged, and inspired the nation, and disaster was averted!

Are you aware of these past crises when America’s fate hung in the balance?

  • In 1746, 70 ships with 13,000 troops sailed from France to lay waste to the American colonies. Massachusetts governor William Shirley proclaimed a Day of Fasting. What happened next was unexplainable!
  • After the Battle of Monongahela, George Washington wrote from Fort Cumberland to his younger brother, John Augustine Washington, July 18, 1755: “But by the All-Powerful Dispensations of Providence, I have been protected beyond all human probability or expectation; for I had four bullets through my coat, and two horses shot under me, yet escaped unhurt, although death was leveling my companions on every side of me!”
  • How did Thomas Jefferson’s resolution for a Day of Fasting on June 1, 1774, lead to the forming of the Continental Congress, and eventually Independence?
  • Read how in 1781 the providential rising of three rivers in 10 days allowed Americans to escape British General Cornwallis?
  • Or how the uncanny way Benedict Arnold’s planned betrayal of West Point was discovered?
  • George Washington exclaimed: “The Hand of Providence has been so conspicuous in all this (the course of the war) that he must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith.”
  • Ben Franklin declared: “In the beginning of the Contest with Great Britain … we had daily prayer in this room for Divine protection. … All of us who were engaged in the struggle must have observed frequent instances of a Superintending Providence in our favor.”
  • In 1865, President Lincoln proclaimed a Day of Fasting for April 30. What freak accident happened two days later which changed the course of the Civil War?
  • What did Woodrow Wilson declare as the U.S. entered WWI.
  • Or Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression?
  • Or FDR, Eisenhower, MacArthur, and Patton during WWII?
  • Or Truman during the Korean War?
  • When Apollo 13 was lost in space, what happened after President Nixon called all of America to pray?

Volume 2: Amazing Faith that Shaped the Nation

Captivating stories of revivals, battle heroes, missionaries, & courage from America’s history including:

  • Penn’s Holy Experiment: “The Seed of a Nation”
  • Great Faith of the Moravian Missionaries
  • The Great Awakening Revivals in America
  • Molly Pitcher, Betsy Ross and Courageous Women of the Revolution
  • Francis Asbury and the Circuit-Riding Preachers
  • Early Black Preachers and Missionaries
  • “Amazing Grace”: Newton and Wilberforce
  • Second Great Awakening Camp Meetings
  • Timothy Dwight and the Yale Student Revival
  • Indians Look for “Book to Heaven”: Whitmans and Northwest Missions
  • Missionaries to Hawaii
  • Charles Finney’s Revival: “Every Member Must Work”
  • Shoe Salesman to Evangelist: Dwight L. Moody
  • From Slave to College President: Booker T. Washington
  • Booker T. Washington’s Wisdom and World Influence
  • Katherine Lee Bates and “America the Beautiful”
  • Baseball Star to National Preacher: Billy Sunday
  • U.S. Military: “For God and Country”
  • John F. Kennedy and PT109
  • Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “I have a dream”
  • Billy Graham: “If Ever We Needed God’s Help, It Is Now”
  • NASA and Astronauts: Prayer on the Moon
400 pages / 300 pages