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Pastor Larry 3 Book Collection

SKU: G1068


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The Abraham Proclamation

This book will make some readers say, “Amen.” For others, however, it will have the
opposite effect. Yet, truth is not dependent on popular opinion. Will we learn the lesson?

Preterism on Trial

Surprisingly,  few churches are even addressing these issues and seeking to understand them in the light of biblical prophecy. Why is that? Could it be because an ancient prophetic teaching that went contrary to the Church’s original view of prophecy has once again resurfaced to claim the hearts of many?

Calvinism on Trial

A new breed of Calvinists is rising with disastrous effects. Unsuspecting pastors and church leaders are confronted with a number of scriptures that seem to teach that Jesus only shed His blood for a predestined group. Everyone else has been left to parish eternally for “God’s good pleasure.” It’s a theology of inevitability. “What will be will be, so what’s the use?”