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Radical Islam on the March (DVD)

SKU: X1531


A documentary that examines the goal of Islamic extremists to impose global Muslim rule via sharia law.

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Radical Islam on the March (DVD)

A Biblical Response to Modern Day Jihad

This powerful documentary unveils the threat of radical jihad. Radical Islam on the March: A Biblical Response to Modern Day Jihad looks at the Koran’s teaching on “holy war,” the inroads Islam is making in Europe, how political correctness paralyzes America’s response to radical Islam, and why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only lasting solution to the Muslim challenge.

Filmed on both sides of the Atlantic, this video will help you discover the truth about the Muslim vs. Christian debate. Radical Islam on the March features Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament; Islam experts Steve Emerson and Robert Spencer; former Muslims, including Noni Darwish and Steven Masood; and many others.

Running Time: approximately 90 minutes