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Enemies Within Books

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Remember the days when the Church was looked upon with favor and considered a bastion of hope, truth, love and forgiveness? Have you ever reminisced over the days growing up when prayer and Bible reading were not only allowed in schools but even the Ten Commandments were encouraged to follow with plaques on the wall? Do you recall not long ago that when a tragedy struck in a local community a Christian Pastor was called in to pray for the victims and then offer them godly Biblical counsel? What has happened to all this? Where did it all go and in such quick procession? Why has our godly Biblical upbringing been erased from our hearts, homes, minds, and nation? It’s simply due to the fact that the Church has been invaded by a massive amount of unbelievers. Therefore, this book, Enemies Within: How the Church was Invaded by Unbelievers seeks to equip you with the groundbreaking historical data showing how non-Christians have not only infiltrated the Church today, but they are controlling it turning it into a godless enterprise. The Church today is by and large not only not Biblical it has become the very godless entity God warned us about in the Bible 2,000 years ago. It’s called the Great Apostasy and it’s leading the world towards a satanic One World Religion that God commands all His people to come out of and be ye separate. Don’t delay! Get equipped with the truth! Get your copy of Enemies Within: How the Church was Invaded by Unbelievers and share with as many as you can before it’s too late!