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2000 Prophecy in the News Magazine 12 Issue Set



This collection includes all 12 issues of Prophecy in the News Magazine from 2000.

In stock

2000 Prophecy in the News Magazine 12 Issue Set

This set of magazines contains each issue from 2000, 12 issues in all beginning in January and ending in December.

January 2000: Will Psalm 100 Be Fulfilled in the Year 2000?
February 2000: Six Billion People on Earth!
March 2000: The Prophecy of the Barley Harvest
April 2000: Cattle Mutilations – Obscene Sacrifices
May 2000: Will the Real Agent of Intolerance Please Stand Up!
June 2000: A New Look at the Tower of Babel
July 2000: So, Who Was Job, Anyway?
August 2000: Revealing Revelation – The Prophecies of St. John the Divine
September 2000: The Battle Over Jerusalem
October 2000: UN Summit – The Beast Is Rising!
November 2000: Trouble Over the Temple Mount
December 2000: Whatever Happened to “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men?”