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2001 Prophecy in the News Magazine 12 Issue Set



This collection includes all 12 issues of Prophecy in the News Magazine from 2001.

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2001 Prophecy in the News Magazine 12 Issue Set

This set of magazines contains each issue from 2001, 12 issues in all beginning in January and ending in December.

January 2001: Will Psalm 101 Be Fulfilled in the Year 2001?
February 2001: 5761: The Year of the Mikveh
March 2001: Israel: A House Divided
April 2001: The Bees of the New World Order
May 2001: Rabbis Declare: The Time of Jacob’s Trouble
June 2001: Justin Martyr’s Prophecy of Jacob’s Wives
July 2001: Night of the Leopard
August 2001: Valley of the Giants
September 2001: Happy New Year 5762!
October 2001: Is this “…the end of the world?”
November 2001: The Stars Are Falling Out of Leo the Lion!
December 2001: UN Plans to Curb Population Growth