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2nd Annual Las Vegas Prophecy Conference 2022 DVD Set

SKU: LV23D-1


  1. Pastor Greg Patten—Pastor of The Cross in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and former syndicated DJ
  2. Larry Stamm—Founder of Larry Stamm Ministries, a messianic ministry
  3. Micah Van Huss—Former legislator, military and current expert on all things supernatural
  4. Pastor Billy Crone—Pastor of Sunrise Bible Church
  5. Pastor Tom Hughes The Lead Pastor of 412 Church San Jacinto & founder of the Hope For Our Times ministry


Micah Van Huss-Ancient Cites and The gods Who Built Them

Pastor Tom Hughes-Really? Jesus is Coming…

Larry Stamm-Christ in The Passover

Greg Patten-America, Is It Over?

Billy Crone-Subliminal Seduction of the Mind

Larry Stamm-A Surprising Catalyst

Billy Crone-Subliminal Seduction of the Masses

Micah Van Huss-The Earth as It Was

Greg Patten-Real World of The Spirits

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