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Is it frightening to serve a God that promised He would preserve His Holy Word but isn’t doing it?

Actually, God is preserving His Word. It’s found in the KJV. Your question is similar to: “Is it frightening to serve a God who promised He would preserve marriage but isn’t doing it?” God has given us His standards in His preserved Word and we should follow those standards. The fact that there are corruptions of good things in society should not lead us to abandon the “good things.”

I was saved through the “false gospel” in my copy of the NLT.

I beg to differ with you, and I do so quite firmly. No one is saved by a false gospel. You were saved by the TRUTH that is sprinkled here and there in a bad translation. People can be saved from a Gospel tract. It may only contain 1 percent of the Bible. Does that mean we should only read 1 percent of the Bible?

Does this also mean that non-English speaking peoples in indigenous areas of the world are going to Hell because they can’t read the King James Bible?

Of course not! The King James Bible is an excellent English translation using the Textus Receptus and the Masoretic Text. We strongly recommend that the Textus Receptus and the Masoretic Text be translated into other languages and dialects. But we do not believe that ANY translation in ANY language should be made from corrupted and inferior manuscripts that omit, distort, or change important items of God’s revelation.

What about Martin Luther? Or how about Paul? We both know that he didn’t read a Bible translated from the Textus Receptus!

Actually, Martin Luther’s German translation was from the Textus Receptus! So was Tyndale’s! So was everyone’s Bible translated from the Textus Receptus … until the 1880s when two apostate—yes APOSTATE—scholars claimed that two corrupt manuscripts were better than 5,000 majority text manuscripts!

And what about Paul? No, “he didn’t read a Bible translated from the Textus Receptus.” But he did, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, give us epistles that are perfectly preserved IN THE TEXTUS RECEPTUS. Don’t you think we should make sure that the Bible people read today are based on this inspired, and preserved text?

And while we’re at it, how many people are on their way to a deepest, dark Hell while you, me, and others argue about initially irrelevant subject matter?

I have to disagree with you again—and most heartily. Biblical authority is not irrelevant. The Scripture warns us that in these last days there are going to be false doctrines, false gospels, and heretical teachings, and that these WILL LEAD PEOPLE TO HELL.

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