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Existence of God

Christians believe that God exists. However, no one today has seen God. It’s very hard to believe in something, or someone, that you cannot see. Do you think that atheism may have a point?

Not really. Before the invention of the microscope, no one had seen germs, but people still got sick, and even died.

For the sake of illustration, think of the tape recorder. By design, tape recorders can “hear” things, but they can’t “see” anything. They only record sounds. I could ask, “A tape recorder can’t ‘see’ me. Does that mean that I don’t exist?”

Are you saying that God is beyond the reach of our five senses?

Yes, unless, of course, He decides to reveal Himself in a physical way, or in a way that is discernable to one of our senses.

We all have five senses. Anything that cannot be picked up by one of these five senses cannot be perceived through these five senses. Atheists, and materialists, make their five senses the measure of what does, and what does not, exist. But it is pure arrogance to say that what I cannot know through my five senses does not exist.

Atheists take human reason as their guiding star. They consider themselves to be intellectually superior to those who rely on faith, the Bible, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. But, again, this is not intellectual superiority, but snobbish arrogance.

Common sense, human observation, and empirical knowledge are not always a reliable guide to what really is. Common sense and human observation, for example, tell us that the earth is stationary. Common sense tells us that space and time are absolute, but such is not true.

Some people will not believe in God no matter what. However, it’s not a matter of the intellect, but rather a matter of the will. There is plenty of evidence for the existence of God, but the problem is not with the evidence.

The story is told of a man who was injured in an automobile accident. He was rushed to the hospital where he desperately needed surgery. However, he would not sign the appropriate papers because he believed that he was already dead.

The doctor said, “I will prove to you that you are still alive. Dead people don’t bleed, but I will prick your finger and you will bleed.” The man consented to this “test.” The doctor pricked the man’s finger, and blood began to ooze out.

The man looked at the doctor and said, “Well, how about that. Dead people do bleed.”

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