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Magic and Fantasy

There is a growing interest in magic and fantasy in today’s world. The Chronicles of Narnia, Dungeons and Dragons, and the Harry Potter series all show elements of magic and fantasy. Does magic and fantasy somehow connect with the concept of unity and oneness?

Those works are saturated with magic and fantasy. There are many others that are very popular, both with children and adults: The children’s classic The Children of Green Knowe and the Jennifer Lynn Barnes juvenile fiction Golden are examples.

In order to understand the forces that are at work here, we have to speak of the two aspects of this issue: “The Magic of Unity” and also “The Unity of Magic.”

Let me first explain “The Magic of Unity.” Unity has a hypnotic mystique. There is an awful sense of alienation and estrangement in the modern world. Unity is man’s way of dealing with the problem. It can be social unity, political unity, or religious unity. God’s way of dealing with this awful sense of estrangement is to have a relationship with the true and living God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The drive for global unity and the tearing down of national sovereignty is coming upon us like a flood, as predicted in the prophetic Scriptures. And because the human race is, by and large, under the magic of unity, people are willing to surrender their individual liberties. Global governance will ensure that this happens.

A case in point comes from the January 12, 2008, Los Angeles Times story by Nicole Gaouette. It tells that the Bush administration has hit the brakes on a controversial law requiring Americans to carry tamper-proof driver’s licenses. This will delay its implementation for five years until 2017. Congress passed the Real ID law in 2005 for security purposes. But several states have passed legislation calling for its repeal. However, the Department of Homeland Security is retaliating. Residents of those states which do not implement the Real ID law will not be able to use their driver’s license to board a plane or enter a federal building. For them a passport will be the only proper identification.

I also want to explain “The Unity of Magic.” Magic unifies. It helps people to escape from their problems. It is an aspect of the new world religion. People admire those who can blink twice and make something appear out of nothing. People also admire those who, with a wave of their hand, can make the Great Wall of China disappear. That’s all magic. Man has always wanted to be God. Through magic man can enjoy his ancient dream.

This explanation fits in with the dictionary’s definition of “magic.” According to The New Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus, magic is defined as “the art which claims to control and manipulate the secret forces of nature by occult and ritualistic methods.” Magic is religion.

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