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Barger Bundle: The Cults (3 DVDs) Eric Barger

SKU: G695


Three dynamic teaching DVD presentations plus Eric Barger’s testimony on audio CD.

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Barger Bundle: The Cults (3 DVDs) Eric Barger

In this dynamic bundle, you will receive three of Eric Barger’s best presentations on cults.

Universalism: Is Everyone Already Saved? (DVD) Eric Barger

Universalism has become the “politically correct” religion of choice of many in public life today. Through the misguided ministries of Carlton Pearson, Mike Williams and others, a form of Universalism known as “Universal Reconciliation” has made inroads into modern Christianity as well. In this DVD presentation, Eric Barger defines and illustrates Universalism and compares it to biblical Christianity. Above all, this message clearly illustrates the biblical truths of salvation through Jesus Christ alone, the absolute need for a regenerating, “born again” experience and the fact that eternal and unending separation from God awaits all who reject salvation through Jesus sacrificial death.

The MOST Dangerous Cult (DVD) Eric Barger

  • Is is Mormanism?
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses?
  • Islam?
  • Athesism?
  • Scientology?
  • Perhaps the New Age Movement?
  • Maybe the Mind Sciences?

In this dynamic teaching DVD, Eric Barger carefully documents the rise of the Cult of Liberalism within the walls of the Christian Church. It is designed to inform the Saints and also challenge misguided spiritual liberals to examine the tragic path they have taken and asks the question: “Are YOU a part of The MOST Dangerous Cult?”

The Deception of Chrislam (DVD) Eric Barger

Islam began with the ranting of a ruthless Arab bandit leader, who robbed caravans and led his band of robbers to annihilate defenseless cities. Mohammed also robbed and burned many Byzantine churches, killing thousands of Christians and destroying Jewish settlements in his campaign. His so-called “visions” were the basis for the Islamic holy book, the Qur’an. The religion of Islam permeates the entire Arab world, which believes their Mahdi will come very soon and kill everyone in the world who is not a Muslim. Recent presidents of the United States have given this sadistic religion credibility by holding events honoring Islam in the White House. Today, there is a growing and increasingly widespread movement inside mainline and Evangelical churches which attempts to join Islam and Christianity. Based on the premise that both religions worship the same deity, “Chrislam” is gaining followers and becoming a favorite among the politically correct. But is the basis of this movement correct? Do the Bible and Qur’an harmonize? Is Allah actually Jehovah God? Why are those claiming to be Evangelicals involved with this misguided idea? Eric Barger answers these questions, debunks Chrislam’s fallacies, and clearly points out the incompatibilities which forever separate authentic Christianity and Islam.

Live Seminar Presentations on 3 DVDs – Over 3 Hours of Dynamic Teaching

PLUS – As an additional bonus, you will receive the audio CD presentation How I Came from Rock to the ROCK! In this dramatic audio CD, Eric shares his life story.