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Rediscovering Israel

SKU: S1960


A Fresh Look at God’s Story in Its Historical and Cultural Contexts

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See the Bible through a New Lens, from Beginning to End

In Rediscovering Israel, you will experience the living God and His Word as never before! Bestselling author and professor Kristi McLelland invites you to explore the biblical narrative in the historical, cultural, geographic, and linguistic contexts in which it was written. As you do so, you will

  • experience Scripture as a timeless, transformational Story demonstrating God’s love and faithfulness
  • string biblical pearls to encounter the Bible as one cohesive storyline rather than a book of stand-alone accounts
  • celebrate the richness of Scripture while discovering unique cultural idioms and customs
  • share in the joys, curiosities, and insights gained through Kristi’s adventures in Israel

Whether you are preparing for a pilgrimage to Israel or you desire to experience a fresh encounter with Scripture, Rediscovering Israel offers a welcome blend of biblical truth, faithful research, and personal reflections that will enrich your interactions with God’s Word.

Hardcover ‏ 256pages