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The Patmos Predicton – Nathan Myer

SKU: H918

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Dr. Nathan M. Meyer teaches through Revelation.

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The Patmos Predicton – Nathan Myer

The Patmos Prediction is a collection of outstanding messages from the well-known Bible expositor, Dr. Nathan M. Meyer. The best compliment Dr. Meyer had from anyone regarding these messages was from an eleven-year-old boy in the First Baptist Church of Long Beach, California, who, in the middle of Dr. Meyer’s Sunday morning message, nudged his mother and said, “Mom, I like this better than a sermon.”

The Patmos Prediction is a study of the prophecies in the book of Revelation. The book of Revelation is the grand and noble conclusion to the Bible. It captives our attention, stirs our imagination, and points us to our glorious future destiny. It shows the living relationship between the risen Christ and His Bride, the Church. It also records the final days of this world and reveals the glorious new world yet to come. The book of Revelation gives us hope for the future when God will make “all things new” (Rev.21:5). Dr. Meyer simplifies the message of the Revelation so that you can easily understand it for yourself. He teaches in a simple, straightforward language with a clear understanding of the Scripture. You will be blessed by The Patmos Prediction.