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Tribulation Salvation

SKU: S1980


How is Tribulation Salvation irrelevant today?

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Many Christians consider the topic of Tribulation Salvation irrelevant today. This thought seems logical since the Church’s Rapture will take place before the commencement of any part of Daniel’s Seventieth Week. Why should anyone expend time and energy debating such a subject today? The answer becomes evident when considering the multitude of future souls at stake. The sole hope for overcoming false gospel teachings in the Tribulation rests upon the truth of scripture rightly divided.

The primary thesis of this book serves as an urgent warning for those alive AFTER the disappearance of Christians. False teachings during this time will be multifaceted, with most involving intensified deception. The most damnable claim will be that a man must sell his soul to provide for himself or his family. False messengers will perpetuate this satanic heresy to deceive and destroy souls. Yet, God can, and God will supply supernatural protection, but how and for whom? Can anyone KNOW the truth for sure? Yes, you can!

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 112 pages