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2018 Prophecy in the News Magazine 12 Issue Set

by Prophecy in the News


This collection includes all 12 issues of Prophecy in the News Magazine from 2018.

In stock

2018 Prophecy in the News Magazine 12 Issue Set

This set of magazines contains each issue from 2018, 12 issues in all beginning in January and ending in December.

January – Prophecies In The News For 2018
February – The Untold Story Behind Creation Week
March – Pinpointing the Day of the Lord
April – Passover and the Temple Veil
May – Seventy Years On
June – Gospel Written in the Stars (Part 1)
July – Gospel Written in the Stars  (Part 2)
August – Will President Trump Stop the Trumpocalypse?
September – Common Sense Creation
October – The Deep State
November – What’s at Stake
December – Set for the Fall and Rise of Israel

12 Issues